In memory of Gribo’s balls

Here is Gribo. He is a lazy cat, about 11 months old. He loves Whiskas, minding his own business and staring at the other cats through the balcony. In the last one year he managed to escape only twice and in both cases his owner brought him back home.

His owner is a delicate twenty-something man with a sense of clear interior design and strong dislike towards the feline fur. Blaming some suspicious smells in his apartment on the cat, he took the decision that soon Gribo is going to suffer surgery at the local vet.

In a week this fluffy ball full of moustaches, tenderness and claws will be castrated.

Stay sad with me for a minute in memory of Gribo’s balls.


  1. I'm in tears for Gribo! :~~~~~~~~

    He looks like a sweetie, I wanna hug him :)

  2. he is;

    or he was...

    do male cats got angry, apathetic and antisocial after being castrated?

  3. I work for a veterinarian and to answer your question, no, they don't go psycho one they're neutered. Actually, they act even more like a man: They'll lie around and eat. That's it. Occasionally they'll want to get screwed, but then they realize... oops, no swimmers...
    Female cats act like men once they get spayed too. They justeat and sleep. If they're crazy and hyper before they're spayed, they'll seem calmer after the surgery.