How old are you actually

Speaking in Martian years I'm 12.62 years old which makes me quite a sweet chick, indeed.
You can go to this site to learn how many seconds have you lived so far and in how many days you have anniversary according to the Saturnian calendar.
And heyy, in 19 days I'm having 2-years-birthday if you are keen on the Jovian years (the party is at my place; I have to prepare my wish-list asap,).
Check Re-Date to learn something for your age.


  1. Hello *Sherilla* :)

    YAY!!!!!!!! You are back on blogger! I'm so HAPPEEEEEEEEEYY!!! And all those cooooooool updates too! Yeah! I hope you had a fun time travelling & doing stuff :) Well I did the re-date test, guess what: I'll turn 2 years old in 2028 - Women are from Venus, Men from Mars, but I'm from Saturn you see... :P :P :P

    Happy birthday soon, Jovian girl !

    oh 'bout Halloween, t'was ghoulish & fun, I'll post some pictures on lollipop art soon for you :) Hope you had a fun Hallo too!

    Cya & keep the cool updates coming! I love 'em so much :)

  2. Hi, lölinå;)) I'm glad to see you around!
    What's on your make your wishlist for your next anniversary?