Going Out

Just in case that someone wondered where I have been in the last few weeks, the answer is quire boring and simple: I was working and in my days off I used to travel about 900 km to check how's life going in the university where I'm supposed to study (and I do it, any time when I'm not too busy at the office). Anyway, everyone needs a break from time to time and my break is the time after eight-nine-ten-pm. Here is a short review of some of the places where I have been lately, starting from the last place I visited today.

Before & After

The restaurant is located in a house from the beginning of the 20th century. If you're starving like me, you gonna love this place.

To see more pictures from Before & After, follow this link.

Is a mix of bar and restaurant. What I love most in it is the huuuge summer garden though the chief is superb and can draw your attention even in winter.

Follow this link for more pictures of Motto.

Is one of the cutest bars I've been to. As you can imagine from its name, the interior is full of bubble-associations starting from the walls, the chairs and the decoration.

To see more pictures from Babbles, follow this link.
Bolo Club

Is a nice place to go for a cocktail or two.

Follow this link for more pictures from Bolo Club.

The other places in random order:
By The Way
Chillout Cafe
Club 703
My Mojito


  1. Thanks for the afernoon nightlife bar thoughts. I live in a small town rich in nature poor in nice places. Bubbles looks like a fantacy from here. I'm new to all this, but had fun figuring your local to be somewhere near Sofija, Balgaria. I am a probable opposite to you in age/type/character/appetites, but I recently helped two people from your country who came to America and bought a commercial truck and hit the road. I met them in a restaurant where they were not even able to order food. I wound up helping them with food, thier trucks brakes and axle adustments. They were nice and she was beautiful. When I said this he asked why I didn't I think he was beautiful too. I laughed. My world is wild but small in cityfied stuff (41.7N 124.3E I think). Thanks again.

  2. Sorry, I know more about Kayaking than computing, so I'm still trying to send a comment. Hope all is well.

  3. Sorry, I know more about Kayaking than computing, so I'm still trying to send a comment. Hope all is well.

  4. Hi, thank you for your comments. :)

    I think world is tiny, even if people live on the opposite sides of the Earth, sometimes they met more often than they meet their neighbors.

    Physically or virtually.