Right after the two exams I had last Thursday I felt this strong need to buy something just for me. The result was a 1000-piece panoramic puzzle by Trefl representing the Grunwald Battle.
Now, after a few days spent on the road, I'm home again and I already started building the jigsaw picture. It will be hard, I already see it.

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  1. Hello *Sherilla* :) how are ya... hope all went well for the exams (sorry I didn't wish u good luck before that - reason: I didn't know u were writing exams... oops! sorry... :P) anyhow, I got all fingers crossed for ya, lotsa A's for Sherilla, Yay!

    I've been very busy too lately, no blogging, no websurfing, and so dreary cold too... brrrrrr! the day's shorter, lolina's lazier too :P

    Enjoy ur puzzle! We used to build those when we were in 1st & 2nd yr college & glued them into huge murals, then in later yrs, got too busy to unpuzzle these, & watched tv instead :) But it was so much fun (& frustrating too), especially with those pieces that look EXACTLY alike...

    ok, all the best - good luck if u have more exams, or happy holidays if they are all over :)