More plants

NolinaOnce started you can not stop.

The plant craze today brought to my home a really tiny nolina but with the potential to become a huge one, just like the nolina on the photo.

Also… For a while I was wondering whether to take or not a benjamina and a hibiscus. Finally I made up my mind and now they’re getting accustomed to the climate at home.


  1. when i lived in florida, a nursery i worked at had a giant nolina called ponytail palm that got struck by lightning. About a month or three later, I was given the task of digging it up. If you see this plant, the base is a giant swollen mass of softish wood. Since it was not discovered until months later, removing the palm was like digging up a 100 pound wheel of cheese with the rot. disgusting and sad at the same time. sorry. hope you're not repulsed ;).

  2. wow, i had no idea what's inside the tuber!

    mine is too tiny and i read that they grow veeeery slowly. but i hope that after a few centuries it will become BIG... and cheesy :)