I will share a secret: I read my spam.

It started when I was working for an online casino company. Some 3 or so years later I still monitor my inbox for new approaches to my bank balance and I am always amused by the creativity people invest in their spam messages.

image spam

text spam
This month I have two favorites: the yellow iPod like panacea ad for health and sexual problems and the "huge overwhelmingly important letter".

While the viagra ad is relatively clear, the second letter is a total intellectual riddle featuring popular sayings and urban legends like: "If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out." and "After dark all cats are leopards".

The list is approximately 50 aphorisms long, hidden in a cascade form with the "alt" tag. The image itself is a boring offer for stock shares (yuck!).


  1. You're not alone...

    There's this guy who reads spam letters and makes up hilarious replies to them.


  2. hahaha, i read some really rollicking things on this website; thanks for the link! :)