I applied for a job as a freelance researcher but I got a job offer for a position higher than that and at a full-time occupancy. I didn't want it. They didn't want me as a freelancer.

I did a tiny illustration on this while drinking Coke and thinking on the situation. Cases like this make me frustrated because basically I prefer to work as a freelancer or for my own projects rather than for some greasy cool boys. On the other hand the perspectives promised are quite good.

The Snail career option: My current job gives me a lot of communication with real people, some of them quite interesting (like any other crazy showbusiness crew). Though not well paid, it gives me freedom, imagination and cool contacts. No matter what we do, at the end of the day we are heros, losers or just someone in our own somehow geographically limited world.

The Lousy career option: The proposed position will give me financial security, good training, entry into a well known international company and eventually a good career. At the same time the communication with clients will be mainly online and on the phone, closed in an office (like any other sad freaked outsourcing junk).

I promised to think it over until Tuesday. I feel as nervous as bifurcated cacti...

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