"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

If I should point out one thing that makes me happy, calm or cheerful then this will be a cat. Any cat. It might be a real street-fighter cat in front of me, a cute little home-cat on a picture or just the idea about a cat. However, some cats look better than others.

On the pictures above you see Gribo. To see him on a better and bigger image, just go to his owner's website and keep in mind that this cat in person is simply bewitching.


  1. I'm amazed, frankly ...
    that's one adorable kitten you've shown.

    Even though it's quite irelevant, but that title you put on top of this entry .. is just one song title that its' video clip I've just downloaded. A funny one, (I bet).

  2. If the song is the one with the two strange and funny animals, I agree with you that it is !truly amazing!

  3. yes that's the one .. btw the animals are a hippo and a dog (I don't know from what era they are, but by judging their "funny" form probbably from post-ice-age era)