I wonder when i will get fed up with this blog.

Please place your bets now.

The winner will get... a few personal things.


  1. Fed up? Just take a break for a bit if it's wearing on you.

    I'd be sad to see it go. All of the color, unique art, and general aura of positiveness sets yours apart from the ranting & negativity running rampant in so many weblogs.

    More than anything, do what's right for you.

  2. Tracy's written my thoughts exactly.

  3. well… I am not saying that I am going to leave it, posting links from time to time is not a burden, I was just thinking that every blog is having a life circle. this one kept being alive for 11 months which is almost an year (one year is quite a lot for me)

    last but not least, guys, thank you for your comments. it is really nice to know that there are people like you wit so curious blogs who like the things I ocasionally post here.

  4. Ha, I was feeling the exact way about my blog- that it had a life circle (mine not even being a 11 months).

    But I think your blog's life cycle is a lot longer. Something this unique and special should stay alive quite a bit longer, I like to think. ;)


  5. please take a break if you deem fit... occasional posts are already very good, especially since your posts score on quality, not quantity :) then again, we love to come back more often...