Later today is my mid-year evaluation at the company I am currently working for. The truth is that I eager for changes, as I really don’t feel like being born for pm-ing, especially in the area I got into. No matter what they are going to tell me as a feedback, I should confess that I learnt a lot there (well, still here) and I am thankful to each team-member.

Make a click to approach the den where I was digging for the last 7 months.


  1. Love the photo montage of your workplace! Brilliant!

  2. You've got the origami dragon. Very cool. How did you get it to work?

  3. with all these colorful tinkiwinkies i am just doing my best to break the dullness of the office work, the truth is that t his seldom helps

    the dragon is cool, absolutely. you can make one as well, just follow the instructions: