They need home

If you live around and you would like to have a kitten or three kittens (which actually is better:), please drop me a line and soon you could hug Azazel, Benoa and Kosio (pictured below).

Azazel + Benoa


  1. adorable *oozing with bimbotic enthusiasm*! but i doubt i'm anywhere near you ... hope you are able to find a great owner for them!

  2. If I wasn't afraid of cats, then I'd surely like one of those... er... critters. 0_o

    But I also suppose that the distance would be another issue, right?

    Hope they find a home!

  3. they are lovely.

    it is such a pity that i can't have them myself.

    imagine them waking you up in the morning, noisy, fluffy and lovely...

    i am still looking forward to find a home for them