It's nice to be far far away

I spent the last few days on the beach traveling from one bay to another, collecting seaweed, shells and good mood. It was exactly what I needed. Now my skin is lovely pink and it hurts a little as if many tiny pins are growing in it. Anyway, it's worth.

What I did (shortlist of a lovely adventure):
I should enjoy life more often, work less and live longer.


  1. Enjoying that kind of life would surely relieves me alot, the problem is, I just never had the chance to enjoy any vacation for the last 10 months. Aargh, you just made me miss the beach back home even more. I always wanted to be soaked under the sun; hurt my feet because I step on the shell too often; being burried under the sand with only my head above the ground; enjoying the view (someone is passing by *whistle*).

    I like your last sentence, there, alot!

  2. you know what... i have been so many times to the see, but i have never seen an ocean