If you don't know what is Kraftwerk, follow this link.

Being the ones who gave way to all modern techno, ambient and house and about 35 years after their first album, Kraftwerk's music still rides the charts.

I was skeptic about the concerts last night, as I still find their music too industrial for my poppy ears. Anyway, all my agnostic thoughts disappeared with the lifting of the curtains. It is cool to watch 4 men dressed in formal black suits playing music against a background of constantly moving pictures. Respect.

On the Net Kraftwerk can be found on and Kling Klang.

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  1. kraftwerk is, to me, pre-industrial. it actually surprises me that their beats are more formulaic these days. i was coming out of the post office one day, and there was one of those annoying booming cars in the parking lot, yet coming out of that car was 'trans europe express'. in vienna we sit, in a late night cafe. straight connection. tea in the evening.