Why you shouldn’t know me

Last Thursday. Me and an old friend of mine boozing in a bar.

Me: Scared because the next morning I have go to another dental trip in the world of pain (?) and enamel care.

For nights like this, it is always nice to have a smart phone. Or at least one of these Nokia 6600 with digital cameras the pictures from which have nothing to do with the reality (which as I already mentioned is not as pleasant as it looks on the pictures).

The result: Well, you have already noticed it upwards.

Say cheese.


  1. these photos remind of some of Graciela Sacco's work - check it out!

  2. indeed. but her mouths are huge ;-)

    Graciela Sacco has some interesting works on her website, now I’m going to have a closer look there. Thanks for the link :)