For the dents.

It is weird how a filling on your 5th tooth may change your daily sequence.

I have "pulpit", no matter what this means and no matter the fact that the tooth seemed perfectly healthy until the dentist opened it and under the amalgam filling which I have for more than 15 years she saw that the problem was far too serious.
Now I have arsen deeply hidden in the folds of the dental-bone (or whatever the teeth are made of) and I had double anaesthetic because I was too noisy screaming that it hurts.

It is weird that when I went for a check-up two months ago the dentist did not find anything wrong with my mouth. Instead of this he told me that I should eat more apples to keep my gingiva healthy. Healthy my ass, excuse my French.

Tomorrow I have to visit the new dentist again, then once again on Friday and finally if I am still alive, one last time on Saturday. I feel scared and desperate.

As a bonus, one of my wisdom teeth started to grow again.

In search of more info on molars, nerves, arsen and the whole gang of nightmares I have for the past few days, I found the TeethDiary and a sad story of what might happen to me.

While browsing on the net for more info I found some curious facts on the dental history:

  • There are 250 millions of microorganisms in 1 mg dental coating.
  • There are 250 mg dental coating in mouths which are not maintained properly.
  • The first tools for dental hygiene date back to the Sumerian civilization (3000 BC).
  • During archeological excavations in Mesopotamia were found teeth-cleaners made of gold.
  • The Syrians and Babylonians prepared special simmers made of herbs to wash their mouths.
  • The Romans used oil sprays or feathers.
  • Pier Foshar (1678-1761) recommended tooth brushes made of hog-bristle and powder most often prepared of brayed coals, salt, shells and valves.
  • The first tooth-pastes appeared in the beginning of the 20th century.

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