Lora from dawn to dusk

Лора от сутрин до вечер (Lora ot sutrin do vecher) is a relaxing Bulgarian book telling the story of a girl called Lora. She is one of those girl not looking for troubles, but troubles finding them while they’re just looking for some fun. She loves playing, dancing, boozing, flirting and being a bitch. The story takes one of her days, probably the strangest one and lets you have a look. The book is nice to have a look at not only for the tale but because of the 200 illustrations coming along with it and of course the CD which is unseparable part of the book.

The author is the Dimitar Kotzev – Shosho who has also been working as a director for a few TV-productions. The illustrator is Yassen Grigorov who is also currently working for McCann.

The publisher of the book the Junk Brothers have been reviewed in this blog a few months ago with their project TheJunks.

Alex K – Guess Who Got Da Funk
Beloslava – Love Song
Monday Morning – Error-self
Dj Kikk – Jazzalistic
Liutnite – Salon
Phuture Shock – Boyadzhiyata
Plastic Hi Fi – What If I
Upsurt – Psihopat
Dj Chaves – Lora Tune

The music CD is also worth having, a collection of Bulgarian artists, it has been in my CD player for more than a week. Check the ambient it creates downloading a few .mp3 files right here:

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