I had too much chocolate.

I really enjoy the After Eight but having this for dinner might be awful.

And all that because my fridge was empty as usual due to my pleasant weekend in perfectly lazy mood.


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  2. Hmm .. reminds me to what I need, another Lazy weekends.

    Hey, last Saturday I didn't got my self stuck in the house anymore (and pretty much caused me to got some sun-burned neck, damn hot city over here). Went to pick up some merchandise downtown. Guess what, finally I have my own Siemens ME45, for you that know this product .. you know that I made a great choice.

    For those tips of yours, I don't see any of it will fit my situation. Not pretty much of outdoors activities can be carried out in this small island. This place is industrial-oriented, or so it is said. But thanks anyway!

  3. thanks Sherilla Lay for post in my blog.... (I don't speak English very good)...

    How many languages do you speak?!

    Excelent blogs (I see the other blog but I can undertund only one post jeje the only which is in Spanish)..


  4. there no such thing as too much chocolate, you silly girl.

    (i will admit that i have had cheese and crackers for supper out laziness before though.)

  5. [nich]Hot? Oh my, it snows here and I’m freezing. here are a few days of national holidays and all my friends are moving to the mountains to ski, snowboard or just hang around and tomorrow I should be at the office taking clients requests.
    Siemens is cool,)

  6. N4K170Holas,)
    Hablo búlgaro (porque soy búlgara). además mas o menos bien inglés y español. mis conocimientos sobre los otros idiomas que uso de vez en cuando de verdad no son algo que me permitirá decir que puedo hablarlos.

    Caricias de Algodón es también muy interesante, sigue escribiendo allí.


  7. devastatedsometimes it is really nice to know when to stop with the mint chocolate. ;)