Thirasia is one of the smallest islands I have visited so far. To get there we got the port of Amoudi in Santorini and for an euro small boat took us to cape Omos in Thirasia. The island was less than 20 minutes away.

The trip to the island is great if the waves are bigger because they shake the small boat as a ride on rollercoaster.

Small public bus took us to one of the highest points on the island where we had amazing view over the caldera and to Santorini. The road down is full of fig trees and cacti. I spent some time picking figs and kidding around.

Thirasia like elsewhere on these lands doesn't offer too much but quietness, good view and again, donkey rides. The alley along the port is full of small taverns, cheap CD stands and souvenir shops. All of them get empty when the sun approaches the horizon and the tourist ships leave the island.

Thirasia is among the places where you can se the real face of the Cyclades - blue, white and lonely.

Due to the specific erosion problems it is not uncommon to see falling rocks.

Thirasia's water were full of fish. Probably baby fish are born here because the water was black of fish. We spent some time feeding it with biscuits.

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