Santorini is famous for its sunsets. I love sunsets so I was looking forward my new encounter! It is surprising that the pictures taken with my old unpretentious camera now appear so pretty.

Oia offers probably the best sunset view. The neighboring island Therasia makes the picture completed. Some travel agencies offer sunset boat tours but we never tried them.

Probably hundreds of people go to Oia every evening to watch the sunset. One should be there at least an hour earlier to be able to find a good view and a seat. At the end most of the people are so bored with waiting that don't really enjoy the view.

After the sun goes down everyone is trying to get away from there as soon as possible.

The village of Imerovigli is another hot-spot for sunset lovers. Imerovigli is for the high-end niche of tourists and in recent years – very popular destination for marriages. Souvenir shops, hotels and bars are more expensive here. Buying property in Imerovigli starts from 1 million.
From this point tourist can see some of the neighboring islands of Ios, Nea Kameni and Therasia.

Near the beach of Gialos to the South is yet another great place for sunset viewing. The islands stay to the right and the sun quietly dives in the calm sea. (Wow. Poetic.) Further to the South there is a huge lighthouse but unfortunately tourists are not permitted to enter.

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