Donkeys and cats are the animals that drive the travel industry in Greece. It is crystal clear – cats are adorable, but what could be said about the donkeys?

The streets of the villages in Santorini are quite narrow and usually full of stairs so the only way to get your luggage there is by donkey.

The Fira's old port is located on quite a remote place. There are two options to get down or up - cable car and donkey.

A view from Fira to the old port somewhere down.

We took cable car to get down - the trip is less than 10 minutes.

On the way up we took the stairs. There are 587 stars from the port to the town. The donkey trip costs 5 euros for the donkey and takes all your courage.

If you are not part of a travel agency group the donkey owners just mount you on the back of the animal and let it go without further explanations. Mine ran up the stairs so fast that I was unable even to look back and see if Bo is behind me. The ride was shaky and this donkey was truly dedicated to get me there in no time.

It usually selected the outer side of the stairs - this revealing beautiful view over the vertical road. Unfortunately in moments like this you don't have time for poetics because you're too busy to stay on top.

My donkey also enjoyed bumping into people and other donkeys going downstairs. Many people thought I control it and I drive it towards them. Ha-ha.

Bo came long after me. He complained that his mule was absolutely lazy and it was very hard to convince it to move upwards.

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