I headed to Ios full of expectations. The travel websites were promising water sports paradise and beaches full of life and entertainment.

The trip started in excitement because we took the Hellenic fast ferries and they have great boats.

At the port in Ios we rented an ATV and we headed to the north.

Pushing the gas of the ATV is exhausting for the fingers so I was quite happy when Bo seated in front.

It didn't take long to realize that all these websites probably were speaking of another island - in September Ios is empty and moonlike.

We traveled miles and miles without seeing anyone until we reached the end of the island...

... and there we expected to see the supa-dupa Homer's tomb which was unpleasant surprise. At least the view to Paros, Antiparos and Iraklia was cool.

Wikitravel was right for just one thing - the beaches in Ios are fantastic - golden and fine sands, clear waters, nobody around you.

And again, water full of colorful fish.

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