Happy 2009 from London

It's been a long journey in 2008 and we decided that the best ending will be to celebrate New Year in London. So we did. We went to the Parliament square, we had some rum and Coke, we had some Hurrays and then we were just hanging around the city enjoying the crowds and the mess left after they were slowly spreading in the first night of the year.

So here is the story:

0630 pm - Bond Str.

0800 pm - Going here:

0900 pm - The crowd is getting bigger (don't have high expectations on the quality of the video)

1000 pm - Police (wonderful horses!!)

1100 pm - London Eye

0000 am - Big Ben

BBC ONE had better view, but still it hasn't the atmosphere of being down there: people were wow-ing, screaming, and doing all the things people do on New Year. You can't get this in comment on Live TV.

0030 am - Celebration!
By the way, all the time we were listening to BBC Radio One

0300 am - Trafalgar Sq.

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