Riding with Horses

[nich] noted that it seems that I like cats more than other animals. Which is true.

However the last few weekends are devoted to other bigger animals. When you have a huge horse next to you then you realize how small you are. The feeling is awesome. The horse with the bell is "my horse". There is something truly magical when she approaches and smells me and then plays with me and let me pet her. Touching her soft warm velvet skin makes me faint with fear and love. I love the way she gently pushes me when wants to play and I love the sound of her approaching through the high grass.

The day I met her almost changed my life.

PS. It's hard to imagine how big heads these horses have!!!...


  1. believe me, i know the feeling.
    i don't know whether it is something common, or it's just me who easily scared with big animals
    (bigger than me)

  2. wow... then that makes two if us!

    horses are amazing, sometimes i even think that they are smarter than they look like. they are elegant and everything... i like them, especially my lovely horse-girl :))