If you lose something... you gain another

Brussels closes the summer travel season. It's a bit sad, under other circumstances at that time I'd be in Montenegro, followed by Croatia and Bosnia&Herzegovina. Still... to certain extend I'm happy with the decision to stay, because there is something else that has top priority to me now.

Stay tuned in October.


  1. hey, why all of your latest posts are photos? you're on a travel or something?

    well, if you do have a post that explain about it, I'd like to know :)

  2. nich, i had amazing summer full of great travel adventures. good thing is that i've been here and there now and on and while it lasts you don't have much time to think about it but when I turn back I realize how great it was and I am soooooooooo happy to share that... well, I just can't help posting pictures ;-)

    i wasn't on travel this summer, it just happened and that's what makes it priceless...

    a few more will come in october, i promise :)