Paris - Part 2/2

Watching La Defense at sunset. Breathtaking.

The Triumph Arch as seen from inside

Seine's nighlife

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur which I never learned to pronounce right


  1. hi, I'm back to the blogosphere!

    it's been years :p
    I notice that you still how I remember you were (the template, I mean) but with more fresh content.. Paris, huh?

  2. Paris turned out to be better than expected, but when it comes to travel experience it always depends on the company and good fellow you have around you.

    As for the colors... well, I still like this color and funny thing is that for the last few months I even work for a company that has this strange green in its logo. Call it destiny? :) Maybe.

    And last but not least: happy to see you around :))