Petals post

We went to the supermarket for some vegetables and cheese for dinner and I remembered that after yesterday’s weekly cleaning we do not have anything to support the home hygiene. It seems that the local branch of Unilever still have this Cif+seeds promotion so another package of flowers went to the pots. The flower name is--take a breath--Gypsophila elegans (Caryophyllaceae) also known as Baby's breath.

I think all botanists pass special freak test before being allowed to give names to new species. I have more than 50 kinds of flowers at home and once I even had labels on them saying Hello! My name is... chamedorea, areca, aralia, hypoestes, schefflera, whatever. P. is defender for equal rights and calls them simply: Oh?-That-Flower? but he waters them with attention. If something grows out of these Caryophyllaceae seeds, I promise to post pictures.

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