Hug This Furniture

This weekend we went shopping for a birthday present and at the end we finished with some furniture shopping for our apartment. First we started with a small ottoman with cute Asian outlook.

Then P. saw this red armchair and after 5 minute wondering take-it-or-not, well, we took two. The red one is already home and mine (color Lime) will be delivered in twelve days.

The shop assistant also said that they have hand-sofas but they didn't have any in the showroom, nor pictures or website for additional information. I really can not understand such company policies. However we found a reseller in... Australia and we saw the pink sofa. Really hot pink, hard to resist.

Now I am thinking where to place the pink sofa if we buy it and I feel more and more Sims-like...
PS: I just woke up P. and he promised me when we take the Lime armchair and the rain stops to go to the park and make nice photo session in suspense-style. Yuppie!


  1. Hi there,

    I just saw these photos now and wondering where I could get one of those sofas. I love it and really want one!

    Plz let me know if possible.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. I took it from a local furniture shop some 5 years ago and unfortunately the shop no longer exists. It was one of those shops full of cheap Chinese goods :)

  3. how much is it????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. as far as i can remember, the price was about 50 euro per piece