Trends Off

My all time favorite summer clothes this season are those dresses below. Though the green one provokes various picky comments from "You look like a lettuce" to "Wow, you look like Robin Hood from the Sherwood Forest". Yes, I do, thank you. The good news are two: 1) I took them on a price far below Miss Selfridge's; 2) I look great in them. ;)

Two months ago Esprit became my new religion because its Bea T-Style popped up exactly when I needed. High heels? Not exactly, but this pair of shoes tuned out to be the best: extremely comfortable and somehow stylishly casual. I walk a lot, I have been to number of concerts with these shoes and still feeling better than with casual Rbk. So... I bought them for $80 believing it was a bargain. I just saw them on sale for $20. Aghhh! Yes, they are still extremely comfortable, but I no longer consider them the deal of my life, you see :) As for Keneth Cole's handbag, mine is Raspberry and looks ├╝ber-cutely great with the black dress you see upwards.

Last but not least, my all time favorite and innocent scent of Romance is back for about 6 weeks now but it is still under the severe sweet and fantastic competition of Fruttini Vanilla Cherry. These two fragrances are absolutely incomparable.


  1. The green dress is fantastic and would look great on the wife. She favors black, but bright colors show off her youthful and shapely 59 year body. Thanks for all the colors. Do you still go to that bar called "Bubbles"? Your blog was the first I ever read. It took a year to find you again after I started my own blog, but I found "Bubbles" quickly. Hope all is well. Thanks again.

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  3. @Anonymous: wow, what a deal. What else do you sell?