Misicovery is something similar to Pandora (and the equivalent music stations) but it’s more French and Flashy.
This means that the music is cool, but the design is better. :)

What makes me really upset with these services is the fact that they don’t have the forward option. You can never jump backwards or forward, to skip the next 15 seconds or to listen again the previous 10 seconds from the song. No, no, no, you should listen to the whole song all over again or just to skip it all. Dummy.

In addition these play in your browser, which means that just a random click and the show is over (I did this twice in the last 30 minutes with Musicovery).

PS: I will put an image or at least a logo later. Or at least I will try.

By the way, tonight is party time with Timo Maas live! See ya, :)

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