Okay. The situation is the following:
:: I work on three different computers in three different places
:: I work on a number of projects in totally different areas
:: Often I need a file or a document that is not on the computer on which I am
:: More often I should share one document with other people involved in the project or clients

Last but not least, I hate laptops. To me their screens sux, their keyboards are awful, their touch pads are useless. My notebook recharger is way much heavier than the computer itself, but it doesn’t matter as I should bring them both.

Along with the stupid computer usually I should bring along a number of printed materials, CDs, digital cameras and all that (excuse me!) sh*t. My bag is as big as a camel hump and I hate that.

So, I need software that is open-sourced and that could be installed on a server solving the problem with the file access and the project management process.

Any ideas?


  1. ;)

    digitalized netizen

  2. Hire someone to carry your bag and make you martini's everywhere you go, although strawberry margaritas might be better. I like your new profile picture, but miss the color. Thanks