Simply a SL

Once every two or three years I suffer the irresistible dotage symptoms. After I made quite a good soap opera with a few versions of The Sims, now I live my Second Life.

For those who are in your senses: Second Life is virtual world. Users create avatar-like almost human creatures...blah, blah, blah. Actually is there anyone who hasn’t heard of SL?

On a side notes and curious facts:
+ many international companies and brands created their own avatars in order to approach the target audience even in its Second life (eg. IBM SL @ Reuters)
+ the first SL millionaire (Anshe Chung @ Money.Cnn.Com)
+ Reality on SL (BigBrother @ SecondLife)

Well, the focus of this posting was that I am desperately unhappy because my electricity installation at home exploded this morning, so now I can't play SL and now I'm in a stupid office but the computer sux that much so I can't launch the game and tonight I'm leaving to another city where I'll be too busy with some boring things... as a result, I won't play SL in the next 5 or 6 days, oh sh*t.

Live! Start your SecondLife.

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