Death Becomes Her*

Being a celebrity means that maybe you will worth more when you're dead.

A recent article at AdAge ranks the top dead celebrities of all the times. The top 10 at the 2005 Dead Celebrity Likeability Chart are occupied by:

1. Lucille Ball
2. Bob Hope
3. John Wayne
4. Jimmy Stewart
5. Charles Schulz
6. Red Skelton
7. Johnny Carson
8. John Ritter
9. Jackie Gleason
10. Michael Landon

Read more on the Calculating the Dead Q score and the Likeability data at AdAge's In Search of the Right Dead Celebrity

* Death Becomes Her is a movie feat. Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn.

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  1. Lucille Ball at number 1? No way! Jimmy Stewart has to be top.