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Taschen Art NowTaschen the Art of the 20th c.

Taschen turned 25 and probably you have seen their special anniversary program.

Two of the books I put in my wish list for the next month are Art of the 20th Century and Art Now.

I made a serious investment in books today, most of which boring roi-oriented ones and that is why the purchase of the day and eventually the month is the two hard-copies of Uspensky’s "Gena the Crocodile and his friends" and "The new adventures of Gena the crocodile". I know it’s childish, but after my previous blog posting I couldn’t resist. Books have atmosphere, especially the children’s.

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  1. Do you know how the art piece shown at the cover of the ART NOW book is called? Or who is the women portreyed in it, or the artist's name?