I found this fruit by accident quietly lying among melons, plums and kiwis. Its name is lychee and it comes from Asia.

It has shell hard as a cone but inside it is fleshy and sweet. It is nice.

If you are curious, you can learn more about the lychees in Wikipedia.


  1. ooohhhh! lychees are VERY nice! if you ever come to Asia, you can get lots of sweet juicy lychees in Chiangmai, Thailand in May/ June! i rem buying a whole carton back!

    but don't overeat, cos they give you constipation :P

  2. I LOVE LYCHEES! We get them from the Indian store in downtown Minneapolis whenever we can.

    Lychee juice is also quite good.


  3. really? do lychees give constipation? never knew cos never ate much of them :P lychees are not bad but i prefer longans and pineapple.

  4. Uhm, it seems that I am the last person in the world to find out what lychees are and taste like ::))

  5. when i was a teenager in florida, my friends and i got word of a lychee tree planted in some sleepy neighborhood and decided to raid it peak season. i remember climbing up into it and shaking the branches until it rained lychees all over my friend. then i got down and we scrambled to gather them all up before someone caught on to our masterful exotic fruit theft.