I will survive

Tomorrow is the last day of my diet. Definitely it is much better than saying the last day of my life.

Have you ever tried to live a week or so eating cabbage soup, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes? Actually it is nice. I like vegetable and the only pain was to skip the dairy products from my menu. And the sweets. And the alcohol.

The problem with the diets is that they ruin your social life. People meet, booze, laugh and eat all these calories. You just laugh and take mineral water. Funny, huh?

I believe the nice thing will start after the 7-day pain, when people around start telling me "Oh, you look so fit". 6 kilos for 7 days is almost perfect, indeed.


  1. Congratulations on the diet.

    I know someone on a diet right now and I always watch myself around her just in case I tempt her (I like to eat and stuff so it's hell).

    It's pretty funny watching someone on a diet with friends; you'd think the entire group had a stomach virus or something.

  2. well every effort is deserve a reward, congrate!

    I don't see any reason for me to follow any diet, I think it's because I just keep the balance between the calories-that-goes-in with the calories-that-goes-out.

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  5. congratulations on your successful diet! 6kg in 7 days is A LOT! mind your gastric though... :P

  6. wow! i have never get so many comments on any topic but this diet :))

    well, i think i should keep you updated on this :)

    the end of my diet was celebrated last night with Captain Morgan, 90's music club, dances, compliments and my absolute satisfaction of the results.

    i'll try to keep fit: eat less, dance more :)