Han sido dias del cine.
Los que entraron en la lista son:

  • Te doy mis ojos
    Spain (2003); Directed by Icíar Bollaín
    What is fear? The fear of not losing someone grows in aggression, the aggression flashback to losing the one you love. The psychiatrist help does not help and the proves of love do not return the confidence.
  • Maria, llena eres de garcia
    Colombia / USA (2004); Directed by Joshua Marston
    One’s way out might be just another way to walk into the hell. She desperately needs money and that is how she becomes a mule—carrying in her stomach 62 capsules of heroine. In addition she is pregnant.
  • Narradores de Javé
    Brazil (2003); Directed by Eliane Caffé
    Javé is a tiny town and it will be drowned at the bottom of a dam if its residents don’t prove its historical importance. The problem is that no one of them can write and they need the help of the notorious ex-postman. He is a lazy guy who however has the spice for writing, they are honest people and each of them is having his own opinion on the history of Javé. Will they save the town?
  • Roma
    Argentina / Spain (2004); Directed by Adolfo Aristarain
    The memories of a writes take us back to Argentina of the 60’s and 70’s: his mother Roma, his lovers and his ambitions.
  • Rizo
    Venezuela / Colombia / Mexico (1999); Directed by Julio Sosa Pietri
    It is the story of theater director and writer who searches for his muse. When he finds her, she helps him find his masterpiece but she leaves him for another anyway. Months later the news of her death throws him in an abyss for years until one day her daughter knocks on his door.
  • Smoking room
    Spain (2002); Directed by Roger Gual and Julio D. Wallovits
    Here is The Company and as many others it has its company rules as not smoking inside the building for example. One of the employers starts a propaganda for a Smoking room collecting subscriptions from his colleagues but soon it turns out that each of them is having his own reasons not to rise voice.
  • Pipas (cortometraje)
    Spain (1994); Directed by David Gordon
    What do you do usually in the cinema? Eating. Commenting. Being annoying for the adorers of the Cinema, that’s it.
  • Uma Estrela Pra Ioiô (cortometraje)
    Brazil (2004); Directed by Bruno Safadi
    He loves her. He wants to give her something very special. A star. He does this. She loves him. Then they found out that the star belongs to other girl, it was given as a present by another boy in love. They fight. But fights are useless so they love, just love again.
  • Chicles (cortometraje)
    Spain (1994); Directed by David Gordon
    She has charm and chewing gum and she is going to an interview. The interviewer is so obsessed by her that starts chewing gums and each next chewing gum makes him fiction situations in which he saves her and she loves him.
Y a estos añadí:
  • Idioterne
    Denmark / Sweden (1998); Directed by Lars von Trier
    A few years ago Idioterne also known as Dogma 2 became a cult for these who were not afraid to say that Yes, sometimes we all freak out so why should we get confused if someone does this intentionally? The act if idiotizing might be just an act of agony: how we started, where we’ll end?
  • Chekhovskie motivy
    Ukraine / Russia (2002); Directed by Kira Muratova
    I bet you haven't watched many Ukrainian movies. This one will be a real challenge for your patience and perceptions. 120 minutes in black and white, soft domestic scandals, hectic and Orthodox wedding ceremony, rich nouveau people searching the romance in the lost province, ordinary people searching their way to the so called civilization.


  1. I recently saw "Maria, Llena Eres de Gracia." This movie was so informative and really gave you a taste of what it's like to be part of the drug trade. And talk about visceral; I can barely choke down a multivitamin in the morning, so to see her swallowing the drug pellets made me want to gag.

    I've heard of several other movies on your list, and will definitely check some out. I'm rather addicted to watching foreign films.

  2. indeed, there are so many amazing non-us movies

    it is a pity that many of them do not reach the wide screen popularity of the hollywood blockbusters