I Have Been Updated.

I added some new links to this blog. I'm too chaotic lately so I was storing the things day after day until the free time for update has come this weekend.

Click here and here to see all the new spots on the net where I have been.

Thank you for passing by. :)


  1. yep... and with all Myrphy's laws by my side:: the activeme server is down. great. i'm p*ssed.

  2. New material! Nice. Oh by the way, it's finally gotten cold over here in Florida, but it's most certainly an oven in comparison to your temperature standards, but with my thin blood and even thinner skin, I have negative tolerance for cold water, so alas, no recent surf stories for me. I suppose I could invest in a wet suit, but it would have to be one that covered every inch of my body (except for my face of course). Otherwise, I might never make it in the water. Keep updating!