Opel GT 2007, I'm Comin'!

I’m probably the worst driver in this city. I even don’t drive, I prefer to be .. Driven. In the light of these facts it was really surprising that A. invited me for a test drive of the new Opel GT this weekend.

He sent the picture below and assured me that the car won’t be in this boring black, but in fresh sparkling yellow. He also said that it’s up to me where we’re going to drive it, on the high way or in the city, and even he said that they can arrange a speed track for the test. That really made me nervous. I’m socked.

I bet that even A. won't help and save me from stupidity of driving Faster!.

So, be careful when you cross the streets this weekend and look out for a pink girl in yellow car.

Late Update:
Did I mention that it was awesome?

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