Cats in War

The story in short:

I receive weekly industry watch newsletter sent by one of the employees of a company I work for. Today after the news that CNN is buying Lonely Planet and Orbitz new relationship with Hertz I scrolled down to the Fun&Weird section where a picture of a cat and a link was featured. That was all. I love cats and this is how I came to the most horrific stories for poor kittens used for military activities (!?!).

Egypt vs. Persia
Persians were scoundrels. They got advantage of the cats and the Egyptians’ respect to them and set them loose on the battlefield. Egyptians refused to hurt the cats and surrendered.

Cats were used as poison gas detectors. That’s disgusting.

Cats were attached to bombs and dropped in the sea. They were supposed to search for land since clearly they hate water and this way take the bomb with them on enemy’s decks. This never passed the test phase because cats were becoming unconscious somewhere between the airplane and the water. They called this approach Creative. Bastards.

Cold War
CIA decided that it’s very smart to invest in creation of robo-kitty. They placed listening device IN the cat and antenna TROUGH it tail. Did I mention that the cat was alive all the time? The worst part is that it took them five years and when finally they released their first robo-bug-cat near the Russian compound in Washington, it was immediately hit by a car while crossing the street. Poor sweetheart.

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