EST for Estonia

One of the first things I saw in Estonia were the huge posters saying


really plain and simple logo which immediately captured my attention because it looks absolutely modern and contemporary.

Another surprise was that there is not a single place (or I least I couldn’t find one) not covered by free wifi. You go to the park and under the ban for dogs at the entrance you see the wifi sign, then you go to the most remote bar and you have wifi. At the end you are traveling in the middle of nowhere without any single person / house / animals around you but yes, still you have free wifi network. It was absolutely amazing!

The standards are really catching up very fast. Alex noticed something that I omitted – the fact that there were no old cars on the streets. He said that even in front of the smallest houses they had quite new BMW for example which I really can not confirm because to me cars are just colors. But they had quite a lot of black ones, really.

Least but not last, the Russian seems to be an issue, especially in Tallinn. People are listening to Russian radio stations, understanding Russian quite well but basically refusing to speak it. They think of the Russians as second hand intruders though quite big share of the travel incomes comes from them. Probably feelings are mutual. When we were in the bus to St. Petersburg a teenaged girl and her mother were sitting in front of us and the girl was showing to her mother the image on her telephone – the Estonian flag with a swastika in the middle.

And a few more words – Estonia is absolutely flat. I was desperately searching for a hill but all I could see were wheat fields and more fields.


Tipical scenery



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