From St.Petersburg with Love

I am in totally in love with Peter. It is stunning beautiful and the people are nice, as long as you speak in Russian. And as long as you speak Russian and do not attract the attention too much on you, you can perfectly pay less for entrance in all museums. Russians drink quite a lot but even drunk they are quite fun.

Here is the resume of 1300+ pictures of gardens, fountains, street life, shopping, museums, churches, squares, drinks, pirogs and windy weather.

Unsorted review of St.Petersburg and a glimpse of Peterhof:


Party-car (You all speak Russian, no need of translation)

The Glavnii Shtab and the Palace's Sq.

The Hermitage (Peter was full of brides, everyday, everywhere, the center was full of bridezillas in white and even in the Hermitage)

Vintage telephone in the Hermitage

Poster in the metro (which partially explains why I wasn't well understood but still my crappy Russian was fine to pretend that I am local)

The Bridges (ultimately cool)

Porn wall in the males toilet

Symbols of the glory past in the metro

No need to explain

Spas na Krovi Church

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