I have a professor at the Academy who is often standing against the online world saying that it is easy to publish there and therefore the content that is published online and for mobiles is not worthy. He is referring mainly to the cinema/movie part of it but after all the generalizations he makes one is easy to be pushed to think that -everything- on the net is
1) low quality
2) not worthy
3) garbage
4) everything and everyone related to the net is having the above listed characteristics.
Of course my professor wouldn't say anything specific, because obviously he is accessing the net only within the rare limits of his email box and a few professional websites that are forcing him to use the net in order to subscribe for a free conference. Sad.
After every class I have with him I get out of the classroom green with envy, misunderstanding and immense disillusion by the system that is allowing people like him to fill in the heads of the other people who -want to- or -need to- make their way into this business. After almost two semesters I have this sense inside me, you know, that I have wasted my time with this.
However, time is running and soon I have to prepare my annual assignment. I was wondering and at the beginning I was planning to prepare a little interactive something for the mobiles but after I met the credo of this professor I believe that I should stick to the traditions and as 80's as it looks like, the better. Otherwise I won't pass. :)

What do you demand from your teachers? Do you go to classes to learn or just for the diploma? Do you believe the ones who are there to teach you? And so on.

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