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300 is not pretending to be politically correct or logically sustained. It’s a movie for the eyes, feast for the sight, throb for the aesthetics.

I was watching the movie climbing slowly in IMDB Top#250 reaching and passing up #160 even before the premiere and then the excitement refluxing to #201 but honestly I had no expectations. Surely because of this, I found 300 as the movie of the year with unbeatable effects and special atmosphere. I automatically let pass across my ears the shallow Hollywood humor because you don’t go to a movie like this to listen to dialogues aged the time of Police Academy.

Astinos: "Are you still here?"
"Somebody gotta watch your back!"
Astinos: "Not now, I am busy!"

As for the story, you know how these stories go. These lands are full of legends and legend is the other name for the ancient world movies. Overexposed ugliness meets the overexposed braveness in the name of the overexposed pride and a pinch of love.

By the way, all these scenes with endless wheat fields reminded me so much of Gladiator that I couldn’t help hating them.

In short: SEE this movie. See it more than once, see it slowly, fast, repeatedly, see it half asleep or hyper-awake, from different angles and in different environment. Now waiting for it for IMAX.

Does somebody know the name of this grainy effect they use all the time in the post production?

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