New Year Belgrade! Happy 2007 Serbia!

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The idea to go to Serbia came spontaneously after a few cups of vodka last Friday night. So on the very next morning (lets better say late afternoon) my boyfriend and I had our tickets. Having almost no idea of where we were going I found Marko. He, his friends and all Serbian people were fantastic, friendly, fun. I’ve never imagined that in Belgrade I’ll whoopee so much including:
- Singing songs in Serbian.
- Drinking tons of local lagers while listening to live concerts on the city squares.
- Being hugged and hugging different people who we’ve never seen but everyone invited us to bars celebrate with them.
- Pissing in males toilets. ‘Lady’s were always crowded. All the guys used to say something like “Go in, do your *** and we’ll stay to guard outside”. Uhm!
- Feeling like a happy stupid tourist!
In short, I had unforgettable experiences, great fun and yes, oh, yes, I will definitely go there again!
Last but not least Belgrade is beautiful.

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