Fear of ---

I don't fear of flying. I fear of losing my luggage.

Every time when I get off the plain, I have this quiver inside me – is it here? Seeing it coming off the band is an experience comparable only to the one you have when you see your beloved someone waiting you in front of the Arrivals. We are together again!

"Every year, 3.5 billion pieces of luggage are checked in with hope, 30 million we fear are lost, and approximately 200000 vanish forever", says Aeronaught. Don't you need a shelter and relief?

Globalbagtag is build to help you be a little more secure when you change your flights. The customers receive globalbagtags, each of them has a unique serial number which enables it to be traced to the owner via the website.

Here is a really good story on the same topic.

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