I say P o t a t o

Lavish Festival for Hihi

His name is Hihi. He became honorable member of our family approximately one year ago. I love him. We all love him (though my mother sometimes threatens him with a recipe for stew).

Initially it was she, as the shop assistant was saying that it is a female bunny, but one day my brother found out that She is He. It was a great shock for me and I would never forget the phone-call we had that night. Wow. After a long dispute we kept the name Hihi, because... you see... Hihi is a Smiling Bunny.

This weekend I visited my family. Hihi looks perfect, some 600 gr. overweight maybe, but he is so lovely and lively tiny animal that he deserved the carrot cookies.

That's Karpa

Irena Karpa comes from Ukraine. She is 26 years old but already has a few good books behind her. In addition, she plays in her own band. Her books are considered provocative and like her music, are avoiding the mainstream roads.

I just bought her book Pearl Porn and the music CD that came along with it is spinning in my cd-rom right now. Her writing style is compared to Irvine Welsh and Viktor Pelevin but I am still on page 10, so it is early to give opinion.

The novel starts with: "...The huge pink Mercedes, shining and powerful, each morning collected the garbage of our block." Let's see how it ends...

Keep Travelling

In the onboard magazine of one of the flights I saw an amazing collection of travel guides by Phaidon.
The whole collection will include 60 guides and 20 of them are already available.
With recognition to Wallpaper*:


The other day I had a flight to catch in Madrid, while hanging around the airport I enjoyed my last Spanglish words in this environment.

I was thinking what would happen if I start blogging in Spanish too. Yes, I know that bilingual blogs are not easy to read and actually at the end one loses the point, but sometimes there, deep inside me, is this necessity to say something like

"Holas, estaba buscando información sobre los melocotones, pero aquí encontré una publicidad que invita al Prado, así que me puse por alla y fue maravilloso".
You got it, right? ;-)

Back to home, I will have more work, more travel around, and I hope more projects to deal with.

Asking yourself what the heck does it mean? Spanglish in Wikipedia:

That's totally uncute!

I like cute animals. I like small cute cars that most of the people consider unacceptable and pink often judged as unserious. So this Car, this huge ugly vehicle... seems made for someone that is not me. :) Enjoy the spot!

11-09-2006 Update
This here is a slightly different version of the same ad.
It will make you wet your pants. Honestly.

A recipe that cures everything

When you feel quite ill in early September and somehow you’re not a big meat fan (yes, I consider the chicken very meaty), the best thing is to cook your favourite soup. The White Soup.

Starring: strictly cut, slightly fright (no mass oil, please, just to keep them firm when boiled) potatoes, a liter or so milk, stirred to foam eggs, dressed with lemon peel shavings, fresh lemon juice and topped with yogurt.

As Tita’s aunt said, there is no illness that the chicken soup couldn’t cure. As I (my mother and grandmother too..) would say, there is no malady that the white soup couldn’t cure.

Historical Note: Long long ago one of my grandparents was living in the insecure outline between two countries. One day her family moved out to new place and almost everything else is forgotten by the kin. What was kept is the cuisine. The things she coked are still around the family.

Gourmet Note: Yes, definitely you could know another recipe for another white soup. Share it, I would try it next time when I cook. (I don’t cook very often:-)

On a side note: This post got far too personal.