A recipe that cures everything

When you feel quite ill in early September and somehow you’re not a big meat fan (yes, I consider the chicken very meaty), the best thing is to cook your favourite soup. The White Soup.

Starring: strictly cut, slightly fright (no mass oil, please, just to keep them firm when boiled) potatoes, a liter or so milk, stirred to foam eggs, dressed with lemon peel shavings, fresh lemon juice and topped with yogurt.

As Tita’s aunt said, there is no illness that the chicken soup couldn’t cure. As I (my mother and grandmother too..) would say, there is no malady that the white soup couldn’t cure.

Historical Note: Long long ago one of my grandparents was living in the insecure outline between two countries. One day her family moved out to new place and almost everything else is forgotten by the kin. What was kept is the cuisine. The things she coked are still around the family.

Gourmet Note: Yes, definitely you could know another recipe for another white soup. Share it, I would try it next time when I cook. (I don’t cook very often:-)

On a side note: This post got far too personal.

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