The other day I had a flight to catch in Madrid, while hanging around the airport I enjoyed my last Spanglish words in this environment.

I was thinking what would happen if I start blogging in Spanish too. Yes, I know that bilingual blogs are not easy to read and actually at the end one loses the point, but sometimes there, deep inside me, is this necessity to say something like

"Holas, estaba buscando información sobre los melocotones, pero aquí encontré una publicidad que invita al Prado, así que me puse por alla y fue maravilloso".
You got it, right? ;-)

Back to home, I will have more work, more travel around, and I hope more projects to deal with.

Asking yourself what the heck does it mean? Spanglish in Wikipedia:

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  1. I found a similar trend when I was back in Batam, it's called "Singlish" ..