Æon Flux

It’s nice to have a TV in the office. I just found out that MTV are showing the old series of Aeon Flux.

I don’t talk about the one with the lousy vision of sugary Charlize Theron (blah!). I mean the REAL Aeon Flux, dating back to 1995-1996.

Full respect to Peter Chung and the whole team who worked on these animation series 10 years ago.
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  1. living at the office

    can wish thats better to have tv there than at home


  2. this was a favorite of mine in high school, when it used to show on MTV's 'Liquid Television' which seemed to be targeting the LSD renaissance late night television watchers. I'm sorry to hear it being expanded. The original bleakness and animation were cool.

  3. ;)

    there is nothing as good as the original Aeon Flux

    in addition, now I have motivation to stay late at the office just because of the series, lol