Breathtaking. Honestly.

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When a day ago a friend told me about The Mirrormask, I had a look at the trailer and I thought "Where the hell have I been lately that I haven't seen it?". So on the very next day the movie was loading into my DVD player. When I finished it it was hard to find the right adjectives to describe my excitement. And then... it turned out that most of my friends have already seen it loooong ago. Nah.

Better late than later.

Probably because I will repeat a lot of fascinating comments on it I will recapitulate with this: The Mirrormask is the most beautiful movie I have seen for the last few years.

And I will watch it again. Right now.
The Mirrormask


  1. Mirrormask hasn't even been released in cinemas here. Grr...

  2. Well... Here either.

    But we all know how to find the good stuff over the net.


    Because each time I'm watching it on the computer I feel depressed that I miss so much of the graphics and the atmosphere.

  3. i rented this recently, after reading your post. beautiful, especially the landscapes. it did remind me of a moderner version of 'dark crystal' or 'labyrinth', which were also henson productions. there was even a tiny reference to david bowie's role in labyrinth where he rolls these four crystal spheres around in his hand.